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I consider this Superior Extra Virgin Olive oil not a condiment but a pure nectar of green olives. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the green heart of Umbria -Italy-. Precisely in a area called Colli Martani. It is made in only small quantities. The favorable climate, the unique soil, the olives varieties and the advanced cold extraction method performed by Master olive oil makers are the essential elements for this product. It includes these olives varieties: Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino. The olives are hand picked and crushed within 24 hours through cold extraction and are harvested between the last weeks of October and the first week of November.The PDO logo called in Italy “DOP”, is the consumer's guarantee that this product has been prepared in line with strict and certified production disciplines. For generation in my family’s culture the extra virgin olive oil was considered the treasure of the house. After thirty-five years that I have tasted wonderful olive oils and erudite all the aspects about this Natural Treasure: from the soil, the climate, the olive varieties, plus the fascinating secrets and process of making this product I have indulged in me an immense desire to craft my extra virgin olive oil. I wanted an olive oil extremely fresh, able to maintain almost integrally the component of our particular olives with an immaculate distinct green color. A product exceptionally pure with the taste and flavors as an essence of the fruit of the olives itself, with lowest acidity level, and high in polyphenols, antioxidant and vitamins.


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