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Villella Extra Virgin Olive Oil” in the palate has pure fragrant hints of green fruit initially and then develops a distinct aroma of ripe almond after.  Its taste is complex and in the same time elegant with a particularly flavor of sweet artichoke.  Bitterness and pungency are present and balanced. Olive oil quality is equally dependent on the quality of the olives themselves and on the time they have to wait from harvesting to extraction, in addition to the extraction method itself.  As we mentioned the olives are hand picked, plus we make sure that they arrive in the “Frantoio” healthy with not bruise of damages.   Our target on making this olive oil is absolutely to avoid any incorrect step that can jeopardize the final result of this cutting edge product. Therefore all the production from harvesting to bottling has been done inside the estate by master olive oil makers whom with passion and meticulous dedication from generations perform “L’Arte di fare Olio” the Art of making oil. A part the quality of the early harvest olives and their varieties, what makes our product so unique and fine? The answer is the excellence cold extraction method adopted.The mix of technology and the know-how of the “Maestri Oleari” Master’s olive oil makers can be expressed as “avant-garde” experience. To get the best results in the Mill we need to have the best machinery of last generation technology plus the immense knowledge of a human hand. We determinate in advance which day in October we will start. This is so important because we know the right moment when the olives are ready. It means a lot for the quality of the oil.

A perfect early harvest will offer the possibility to make a olive oil with significant freshness, higher levels of antioxidants and extremely low acidity. 

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