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 Step by Step Process



After various tasting panels we are more that convinced that the mix of our varieties: Moraiolo, mostly, with  a little percentage of Frantoio and Leccino give to the oil the perfection . Our bland is done after making single cultivar oil and then we decided which  bland is the perfect marriage.  The percentage change every year. After the olives are harvested we follow with these steps:

 “Puliture delle olive” washing and clean the olives. We separate them from the leaves and twigs, and then the olives are washed and clean from dirt and impurities.

 “Frangitura” which means crushing the olives forming a fine paste, called “Pasta di olive”.

 “Gramolatura” or malaxation which is a step where the fine paste is slowly churning or mixing milled typically for 20 to 40 minutes. The churning allows the smaller droplets of oil released by the milling process to aggregate and be more easily separated. The temperature of the paste is normally around 25-26°C during this process, which is a perfect cold extraction!

 “Separazione con decanter"  After malaxation is complete, the paste is sent to a phase separator. The modern method of olive oil extraction uses a horizontal decanter to separate all the phases by centrifugation. It will separate the olive oil from the solid part and the vegetation water.

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